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Our goal








(Tudor and Ami)

Our goals:

Our main goal is to become World Champions.

Goals up to that....visions?

We are currently 4th place in the latin category in Japan and in the standard category we have not managed yet to compete in Japan due to COVID-19 and because we have not danced together in so long time. We have big ambitions and we are working hard every day to come closer to our goal. To archive our goal, we need to learn from the best and to travel to competitions and training camps to improve and to show ourselves around the world. That requires a big and constant amount of money that we unfortunately can't provide (do not have).

Please help us getting closer to our goals and thanks to you, we can focus on the most important part, dancing.

(Tudor and Ami)

Message (Our Goal)







¥10.000:個人的なお礼メールとサイン入り写真の送信+ プライベートダンスビデオ/レッスン45分










Support Rewards

One time:

3.000 JPY: Personal "Thank you!" Mail

5.000 JPY: Personal "Thank you!" Mail with autographed picture attached / Lesson 20 min online

10.000 JPY: Private Dancing Video + Personal "Thank you!" Mail with autographed picture attached / Lesson 45 min online

Monthly Subscriptions:

<10.000 JPY: above contents + Meeting

>10.000 JPY: see below :)

Sponsor Rewards

For sponsorships or support of higher amound of the ones mentioned above, please contact us.

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